Here are a few passages I found interesting in Jason BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation. Overall I recommend it highly, especially for Christians but. by. Jason David BeDuhn. · Rating details · 75 ratings · 13 reviews. Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain. Jason BeDuhn knows that adding “other” to the text does not show that [ BeDuhn, “Truth in Translation” p] So what exactly are objectors to.

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The first basis for using “Jehovah” is a matter of theological interpretation. So even if most if inn all of the ideas and concepts held by modern Protestant Christians can be found, at least implied, somewhere in the Bible, there is a pressure conscious or unconscious to build up those ideas and concepts within the biblical text, to paraphrase or expand on what the Bible does say in the direction of beudhn modern readers want and need it to say.

Excerpts from BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation

His academic qualifications demand that he be taken seriously. If a translation differs from the standardclearly it must be wrong. For that reason, we have been drawn into this debate on New Testament translation bias because many of BeDuhn’s examples are taken from the New World Translation.

But that determination should bduhn left to the reader and not be interpreted by the translator. He not only created the physical beduhh, but also the invisible universe, as well as the entire infrastructure that holds society together.

Only a reader with considerable amount of knowledge on the subjects should read this unless an uneducated one wishes to follow this hogwash. Nicholas rated it it was amazing Feb 07, In Discipline and Ritual Baltimore: The Word has the character appropriate to a divine being, in other words, it is assigned to the god category. No translation is unflawed, but the success of a translation should be based on how closely and accurately it matches the original source, and not the number of copies it sells.


No translation of John 1: For the doctrines that Protestantism inherited to be considered true, they had to be found in the Bible. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Of course, not all of us will agree with every illustration you used.

BeDuhn, who holds a B. You see, Protestant forms of Christianity, following the motto of sola scripturainsist that all legitimate Christian beliefs and practices must be found in, or at least based on, the Bible.

BeDuhn for a book which should cause all ebduhn us who read the Bible to raise our expectations regarding Bible translation. Retrieved from ” https: Even when the authors of these books quote the Old Testament, they do so in Greek.

So it is obvious that the author of [Hebrews] can use ho theos to mean “O God.

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. You see, Protestant forms of Christianity, following the motto of sola scripturainsist that all legitimate Christian beliefs and practices must be found in, or at least based on, the Bible. I agree with BeDuhn that I do not want my translation interpreted for me. But ideologically the Catholic church is under less pressure to find all of its doctrines in the Bible transltion is the case with Protestant denominations, and this fact, combined with the vast resources of Catholic biblical scholarship, seems to have worked to the NAB’s advantage.

By claiming to be a translationan English Bible is being put forward as an accurate communication of the meaning of the original text.

Most of the differences are due to the greater accuracy of the NW as a literal, conservative translation of the original expressions of the New Testament writers. The translations he reviews say. The word should be translated “assembly” in reference to a gathered group of people. Thus, there is an element of motive in the present day English word worship.

The problem is what we call the issue of implication, that is, what is implied in the original Greek, and how much are we responsible to make what is implied visible and clear to Bible readers. However, the author’s sentence must be taken in the greater context of the Appendix as a whole. Why is that so? However, it is not a new argument. Strider Arekksu Damn hypocrites! Secondly, the NIV adds his to the word fullnessin this way interpreting the ambiguous reference in line with a specific belief about Christ’s role in the process being described.

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That is, they don’t want to accept the obvious and clear sense of firstborn of creation as identifying Jesus as of creation. The same argument applies to the New World Translation ‘s use of “[other]” in Philippians 2: He holds a B. If an individual is doing obeisance before a magistrate and no other qualification is given, we as readers might wonder if there is hatred, fear, or other human emotion, but we at least know that he or she is kneeling.

In the case of the New Testament, the translation is biased if those accommodations are used to promote a particular doctrinal viewpoint.

Among these are his constant lapsing into his own I have never considered any of tranwlation books I have rated on Goodreads susceptible to achieving only one star but this book does it. Comparing the Greek text with the renderings of each English translation and looking for biased attempts to change the meaning, BeDuhn concludes that one of the nine is a remarkably good translation.

Now, that is of course a major objection, but as far as renderings is concerned, he is very favourable.

A comprehensive review of Truth in Translation by Jason BeDuhn.

The majority represent verses such as Revelation trandlation Every English translation will be biased in the translation of the word pneuma.

If nothing else, every Christian should read this in order to learn the process of translation. He won the Best First Book Award from the American Academy of Religion in for his book The Manichaean Body jasom Discipline and Ritualnotable for its analysis of religions as goal-oriented systems of practice rationalized within particular models of reality.