Get this from a library! Hardware-Basteleien zum CC e. leicht verständl. Einf. in d. digitale Schaltungstechnik ; mit vielen Platinenlayouts u. ausführl. English: Assembly Language for Kids Commodore 64 – Sanders für Commodore; German: Hardware-Basteleien zum C 64/C Hardware-Basteleien zum C64/ Das C64 Profihandbuch. C64 Total (3 Bücher in 1). 64’er Spiele total – Sammelband der Spielesammlung.

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Markt & Technik – CWiki

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Online Hardware Basteleien Zum C64 C128 1987

My first self-etched board was a simple two-transistor flip-flop ; I created the layout with a painting application on the C64, using self-made stencils for the soldering pads, and f64 scaling the x pixel hi-resolution for the C64!

The best source was the Conrad Electronics electronics mail-order company.

Better yet, an XE to XM adapter that swaps these signals can easily be made. Later, during my studies of information technology, all the knowledge about and dexterity with transistors, ICs, circuit boards and the soldering iron proved to be of immense value.

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