Frank Gambale Speed Picking PDF. Over the years of playing, performing and teaching guitar, one of the biggest problems encountered is not with the left ha. Frank Gambale. Guitar DVD. This DVD details Frank’s innovative speed/sweep picking technique and presents a method for developing “monster licks. By Frank Gambale. Frank Gambale: Speed Picking. By Frank Gambale Item: This item is permanently out of print. Share. Product Details.

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Well, I was thinking of learning this to use for faster soloing and sweeping and then fraank regular alternate picking for more normal solos and regular arpeggios.

Frank Gambale – Speed Picking

Or a different one? This way you don’t have to stick to his strict 3 3 2. Many guitarists openly admit that their picking is pretty bad. Second vrank all, the complete, sperd in total, method set forth in the short accompanying book is logic-tight. First of all the CD that comes with the book features exercises that sound incredibly good. Get every single Rusty Cooley video. Register or Login to view hidden content!

Try a less strict method, simply when ascending up to higher strings, use a down pick. I noticed he also has “Shred Guitar Manifesto,” no idea what franm video covers.

Your name or email address: The book includes all the music in both tablature and standard musical notation on the CD plus instructions. S-OApr 5, This goes from ‘basic’ if you will call what Rusty does basic 3 nps, to crazy 4 nps ideas. I suppose I’m supposed to puckin play this to a metronome and go faster and faster, but from what speed to what speed? I think Economy picking is the pivkin way But Gambale is very rigid with it, sticking to the up 3 up 3 up 2 down 3 type of Ideas.


NarenApr 6, I am going to try to buy Basic Training to see if it is as great as the others are, which it most likely is. Thanks for the advice. It’s totally worthwhile imo. Every time you sweep from one string to the next your picking hand has to suddenly slow to half the speed of your regular alternating strokes. And in what increments?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hi there i guess Durero spells it all out.

Frank Gambale – Speed Picking download

Search Media New Media. But years later a friend showed me how fluidly he could do the sweeping and so I decided to give it another shot.

Not sure if they deliver to Japan or not. Any advice on the fastest way to get used to this? His style of picking is like alternate picking except that instead of hambale consistently down up down up down up like alternate, it depends on whether you’re changing strings piickin not and which direction you’re going, and could be down up down down up down up down up up down up up down down up down.

Speed Picking Frank Gambale Guitar Lessons Learn to Play Hal Leonard Book CD

When descending, use a down pick. Slowing down the picking hand accurately without rushing the sweep is one of the hardest things. I’d need an indepth book or something. NarenApr 5, They’d ship to Japan too?


Frank Gambale: Monster Licks & Speed Picking: Guitar DVD: Frank Gambale

Just a bit of encouragement Eric – stick with it! No, create an account now. The basic idea has been with us for many years and can be used to achieve mind-boggling speed speef flawless accuracy while being completely relaxed in the right hand. If I wanted to learn from Cooley, how would I go about that? The main idea of it is 3 nps and 4 nps pentatonic ideas.

I thought I might as well start practicing to be a faster lead guitarist and maybe try to get sweep picking down, so I started practicing and studying Frank Gambale’s “Speed Picking.

Share This Page Tweet. Regarding the use of a metronome, I use and teach what Steve Morse had to say about it. Normally when I solo, depending on which direction I’m going, I’ll do down picking or regular alternate picking.

E string 8 10 12 A 8 10 12 D 9 10 12 G 9 10 12 B 10 12 13 e 10 12 13 For a turn around, e 10 12 13 12 10 Then go backwards from before. The method is revolutionary but makes perfect sense. MichaelApr 5, Extreme Pentatonics goes into I took a look at that site. Well, obviously being able to do it both ways is the best, but you know how it goes A very useful approach.