For many people, though, the sweetest spot in Epson’s new range will likely be the TW/TWW duo. Both of these models continue to. EH-TW, Epson EH-TW, V11H, Home Theatre Projector Full HD, p Resolution contrast ratio Lumens Light Output Epson EH-TW reviews, pros and cons. 7 reviewers have scored this 85/

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The TW uses exactly the same chassis as last year, which is well made and sensibly designed. There are manual controls for tw610 and focus but none for shift, so correct placement is important. The projector includes Epson’s usual remote control, along with one pair of 3D glasses and at the rear is a standard set of connections, including two HDMI inputs.

The menu system is identical to previous years; sensibly designed, intuitive to use and includes a colour management system. Setup was straightforward and the out-of-the-box performance was quite good, especially with regards to greyscale.

However thanks to some reasonable calibration controls, the greyscale could deliver a reference performance and the colour gamut was also good, aside from a notable error in the hue of green.

When it came to its 2D performance, the TW was reasonably good, although green did have a slight yellow tinge fpson a result of the previously mentioned hue error and colours appeared slightly muted, as evidenced by the CIE tracking epspn.

The lens on the TW is quite small and cheap but despite this, the image appeared detailed and free of fringing or panel misalignment. The TW was capable of an impressively bright image, even after tw100, but the blacks were poor thus robbing the projector of some of its dynamic range.

Motion handling – never an LCD projector’s strong point – seemed quite good, especially where 24p content was concerned and the video processing was excellent. The 3D performance was genuinely impressive however, with a bright, te6100 and detailed image, that was complimented by good motion handling and no sign of crosstalk. Whilst Epson’s new EH-TW is capable of a pleasing level of performance, it doesn’t offer any real improvements over the previous model.

There’s also plenty of competition at this price point from projectors that can offer equally as good, if not better, performance for less money. As a result, the Dpson falls just short of winning a badge this year. Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges. Epson’s new line-up seems a lot like their old line-up by Steve Withers Apr 22, at Introduction Last year Epson delivered a surprisingly strong line-up of home cinema projectors, from the entry level TW to the top-of-the-range TW So when their new peson were announced we were slightly disappointed, as the specifications seemed rather familiar.

Only the TW which we reviewed was a genuinely new model and all the other models from the TW to the TW seemed to be almost identical to the previous incarnations. Let’s find out just how attractive Design and Features The design of the TW is identical to last year’s TW with the same attractive chassis design, good build quality and a centrally located lens.

The TW comes in glossy black, which would suit an installation in a darkened home cinema but in the average lounge the TWW would be a better fit. The menu system of the TW is the standard Epson layout and you can choose between a monochrome black version or a more colourful blue one. We like Epson’s menu system, it is easy to use, sensibly laid out and quite comprehensive. Out-of-the-Box Measurements Eposn the purposes of these measurements we used the ‘Cinema’ preset, selected the 2.

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With some Epson projectors we have found the ‘Natural’ preset to be the more accurate but this was not the case with the TW Brightness, Black Levels and Dynamic Range The TW has a claimed brightness of 2, lumens, which should make the Epson perfect for less ideal environments, which is where it will most likely be used. The added epsom should also help with 3D, where you’re always battling the dimming nature of the glasses. However the brightness begins to drop very quickly as soon as you start using the ECO lamp mode which is quieter and a more accurate colour mode like Cinema and, after calibration, we measured the lumens at over 1, However, whilst the TW had the brightness, its blacks were quite weak and appeared more like a dark grey.

The TW includes an Auto Iris but we wouldn’t encourage using it because you’ll lose detail as you crush blacks and clip whites. In addition, the Auto Iris wasn’t that quiet, so depending on where you sit, you could also hear it in action.

Video Processing We have generally been impressed with video processing capabilities of Epson’s projectors, so it should come as no surprise to discover that the TW was just as good. It also sailed through the video deinterlacing tests, reproducing the rotating line without jaggies except at the most extreme angles. In the motion adaptive deinterlacing test the performance remained excellent with all three moving lines being reproduced correctly and only very slight jaggies on the bottom line.

In the cadence tests the projector continued to perform flawlessly, correctly detecting the 3: The projector also had no problems displaying mixed film material with scrolling video text and was able to reproduce the text without any shredding or blurring. The TW performed equally as well in the tests using high definition content and with the player set to i, it correctly deinterlaced and displayed both the video and film resolution tests and showed excellent scaling and filtering performance as well as good resolution enhancement.

With i material the projector had no difficulties in showing video text overlaid on film based material and also handled 24p content without any problems.

Epson EH-TW – Epson

The other useful test is Dynamic Range Low which allows you to check that a epaon is only showing detail down to video level 16 which represents reference black. Once again the TW was showing detail down to 16 but not below it which means it is correctly reproducing black whilst maintaining appropriate shadow detail. Picture Performance – 2D Overall the TW delivered a very respectable 2D performance, which is in no small part due to the accurate greyscale and relatively accurate colour gamut.

Whilst the errors in the hue of green did result in a slight yellow tinge and the other colours were slightly under-saturated, with actual viewing material the overall accuracy was acceptable. The excellent video processing also really helped, allowing the TW to deliver standard definition content as we as possible, even on a large tw61000. However with high definition content there was an obvious step-up in elson and the TW could produce quite a detailed image.

The panel alignment was good and the picture seemed free of any fringing but the cheap nature of the lens means the TW ta6100 compete with the inherent sharpness of more expensive projectors. The motion handling was reasonably good, although this being a LCD projector it will always remain a weakness. We got about lines on the moving resolution test which is what we would expect, so with camera pans you get smearing and loss of detail.


However the TW did handle 24p content extremely well, with smooth and judder-free motion. Whilst quieter in its ECO mode we still found the cooling fans on the TW to be quite noisy, which is undoubtedly as a result of the brighter bulb. The upside however is that the projector can deliver plenty of brightness, allowing it to light up epsln bigger screen or compete with white walls.

Epson Europe EH-TW6100 Projector

Unfortunately the blacks were rather poor, robbing the TW of some of its dynamic range. When setup correctly there was a reasonable amount of shadow detail but dark scenes just appeared to be grey rather than black. A good test of this is the compound attack at the end of Zero Dark Thirtywhich lacked the tense and slightly claustrophobic sense of blackness that the scene has when watched on other projectors.

However with brighter material the TW could deliver a very pleasing picture and CG animated movies like Wreck-It Ralph thus looked quite impressive. With live action movies such as Lincoln the TW was also capable of performing well, perhaps because the slightly muted colours matched the sombre proceedings. Ultimately the 2D picture produced by the TW was competent rather than impressive and thus it didn’t distinguish itself from much of the competition.

Picture Performance – 3D The same could not be said of 3D, where the TW proved itself to be a very capable performer. There’s no doubt that the manufacturers are getting much better at delivering 3D and whilst DLP has a clear advantage, the other projector technologies are also performing well.

We’ve seen most of the new projectors and all have improved, including Sony, JVC and Panasonic, so it came as no surprise that the Epsons are also holding their own.

The added brightness also payed dividends, giving 3D images plenty of punch whilst the artefact-free images had real depth to them.

There was an impressive level of detail and whilst not perfect, motion was also handled well. The 3D glasses also performed well, their lenses weren’t too dark, helping with brightness and their neutral tint helped retain natural colours.

The design of the glasses also helped block out ambient light and the RF never lost sync.

What Hi-Fi?

When it came to the ‘mostly’ live-action The Hobbit the images had a realistic sense of depth and Peter Jackson’s carefully layered shots were well rendered.

There was also a nice level of accuracy when it came colours and the TW’s poor blacks are less of an issue. The Epsn animated movies also looked very good with plenty of detail, although the colours didn’t quite have as much impact as with other projectors. However the motion handling, depth and sense of dimensionality were excellent and the lack of crosstalk meant that you were never distracted by any unwanted artefacts.

Overall the TW proved itself to be a very capable 3D performer and whatever we watched, it delivered an enjoyable and highly immersive big screen experience.

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