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Without the other changes, the inventor cannot guarantee the results you seek. If you go too far the idiot light comes on and we have to reset codes. You can use the mounting ears to screw down the EFIE to a suitable location on the vehicle body or firewall. Once you have determined which is the sensor’s signal wire, you want to get it located up close to the computer.

Certain anti-theft or keyless entry systems have adaptive efi that relies on the vehicle’s battery to keep their settings. Note that when power is shut off to the EFIE, or the EFIE’s switch is turned off, the original connection between the oxygen sensor eefie the computer is re-established. If you are looking into this mod I would highly recommend a multi turn pot for making adjustments. This device will work with edie too.

This will d7 negate the fuel savings of just about any efficiency device, and in some efe will actually cause an increase in fuel consumption, despite having a workable fuel efficiency device. Once the voltage is at your target value, then you just make small adjustments either way to get the voltage to settle down.

Zack West of the USA has produced an electrolyzer for his motorcycle. I was hoping to just be able to build one for myself.

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Meyer Lawton Boyce and many more. R5 should be 3. Ok Stamp project is complete. Note that very small adjustments to this pot make a large change to the EFIE’s range. With all of these done, the ECU will not be able to relapse, because all of the sensors it uses to compare to the efiee sensor are also modified, giving you stable gains. It is important that you have voltage when the key is on AND when cranking. The load sensing devices give the ECU a clue as to what you are up to, and it won’t tolerate it.


This is due to the. I can use the feedback to improve the guides here, as well as answer questions others may have as well.

The range adjustment feature has been discontinued for single EFIE models. When you make a change, you’ll see your meter start changing, and keep changing after you’ve stopped turning the adjustment screw. The ScanGauge can tell you what temp it’s seeing. If the incoming air is hotter, the ECU will accept lean commands more readily.

At the top end you have to wait for many minutes to see if it is at it’s maximum voltage, or, if you rush it, you may turn the screw too many times efiw damage the potentiometer.

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A lean mixture is a rich command. Run a ground wire to one of the outside legs of the pot. In actual fact, the voltage is erie back and forth from about. Most of the fuel efficiency devices need switched power as well, and you can often piggy back onto them.

Water4Gas Interactive Troubleshooter

Right at the This post was last modified: Test1 failed of course. Wide bands will have 5 wires. I have determined that adding resistance to the ground of the MAP does work, but not at the levels in the article.

The computer is said to be in “open loop”. We want to adapt to the better combustion due to the presence of HHO, and everything that is now occurring as a result — including lower than expected fuel consumption. This does not mean that your vehicle is malfunctioning. There are 4 types currently on the market: Therefore the output of the regulator will be I use a uF as I like that it comes up to voltage more quickly. The bulk of the change will occur after the first minute, but if you have a sensitive meter, you will see it minutely increase for up to 10 minutes.


It uses multiple inputs and controls multiple outputs.


Do all of them need EFIEs to operate properly with fuel saving devices? J1 will provide moderate heating, J2 will provide about double the amount of J1, and setting both jumpers will provide the maximum amount of heat.

I’m not giving out for free, the benefit of their research, when it can be obtained for such a reasonable f17. Fun to do some 4W Driving in ‘cos you always get stuck, but not so much fun around town. To test the voltage that the oxygen sensor is putting out, attach your red meter lead to the EFIE’s black test port, and your black meter lead to vehicle ground. The MAP is a type of potentiometer; like a radio volume knob. Find the range adjustment potentiometer on your EFIE’s circuit board: We dd17 want to modify this data until the sensor is dd17 correctly.

It will learn “to live with it”! Ground can be the vehicle body, engine block or ground from another device, including the ground for the oxygen sensor itself.

If you have an AFR sensor, it will be called such in the diagram. When an EFIE is first connected to a vehicle and powered up, the voltage will go higher than normal, and then slowly settle back down.

The EFIE adds it’s voltage to the sensor’s voltage, which shifts the voltage that the computer receives towards rich. However, assuming that your vehicle is in good shape, the check engine light will probably come on for one reason: