Download scientific diagram | 4: Reacciones de compuestos orgánicos volátiles, COVs. Adaptado de Atkinson () from publication: Obtaining air quality. In November , the Protocol to the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution on the Control of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds. Son sustancias químicas orgánicas cuya base es el carbono. INTRODUCCIÓN COVS (COMPUESTOS ORGÁNICOS VOLÁTILES).

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Volatile organic compound VOC determination in working atmospheres; Determinacion de compuestos organicos volatiles VOC en ambiente laboral. The present work describes, in a synthesized way, the implementation and application volatilds procedures based on the normativity related to the subject of the volatile organic compounds Volatile Organic Compounds VOCthat allow to sample, quantify compuesos evaluate the present contamination in the working atmosphere of a refinery due to the fugitive emissions of VOC and other substances.

In accordance with the corresponding normativity, more than organic compounds denominated dangerous air polluting agents Hazardous Air Pollutants, HAP can be found in a working atmosphere, but they are the 11 main HAP that can be found in a refinery. In the present article the work made for the sampling and quantification of 5 of the 11 dangerous polluting agents of the air: De acuerdo con la normatividad correspondiente, mas de compuestos organicos denominados contaminantes peligrosos del aire Hazardous Air Pollutants, HAPpueden ser encontrados en un ambiente laboral, pero son 11 los principales HAP que pueden ser hallados en una refineria.

En el presente articulo se informa el trabajo realizado para el muestreo y cuantificacion de 5 de los 11 contaminantes peligrosos del aire: Los limites permisibles de estas emisiones industriales cada vez son mas exigentes en Colombia, obligando a las industrias a implementar sistemas de control de emisiones. Entre varias tecnologias de control para corrientes de COV en efluentes indust Emissions control of volatile organic compounds in petroleum industry; Controle de emissoes de compostos organicos volateis na industria do petroleo.

Volatile organic compounds are among the most common pollutants emitted by refining processes. The sources of these emissions should be controlled for preserving the ambient air quality. This article outlines the main factors to be considered for defining an effective emissions control strategy and compares the major characteristics of the available control technologies.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The identified compounds were: Only four of the volatile compounds had never been reported before as honey compounds; these being: These four compounds were found in three of the 10 analyzed samples. The compounds found in the highest percentage of area were ethanol, acetic acid, 1-hydroxypropane, 3-hydroxybutane, and furfural.

However, the analyzed samples did not present a distinctive profile. Los compuestos que se. To determine effects of volatile compounds in homes on the behavioral response of Anopheles albimanus. The study was conducted in Januaryin the village of Nueva Independencia village, Suchiate, Chiapas. Volatile compounds were collected inside homes and the extracts were tested on unfed females in a Y-olfactometer.

Extracts were analyzed in a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry system GC-MS. Twenty eight extracts were obtained, twelve presented attraction and two repellency responses.

Otganicos analyses of the extracts indicated variation in the volatile compound present in the extracts, but could not associated specific compounds with any particular effect. Within homes, volatiles presented attraction and repellency responses to An. A definate pattern concerning the presence of a characteristic chemical compound and the observed response was not found.

Volatile organic compounds emissions from gasoline and diesel powered vehicle. In this research, volatile organic compound emissions were characterized from gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Sampling campaigns in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City were designed and carried out in tunnels, crossroads, and truck and bus terminals.

The most abundant are the two carbon compounds, as a result of the combustion, and compounds related to fuels compositions, like isopentane, xylenes, toluene among others. The profiles obtained in tunnels and crossroads were very similar with the exception of the 3 and 4 carbon compounds, which were found in bigger proportion in the profiles at crossroads. This may probably be due to the blend with the ambient air.


The profiles corresponding to trucks and buses have a smaller content of two carbon compounds and a bigger content of xylenes, toluene and ethylbenzene. The variations in the proportions of the compounds allow differentiating the profiles of vehicles using gasoline and diesel.

Para ello, se disenaron diversas campanas de muestreo en la zona Metropolitana de la Ciudad de Mexico, en tuneles, cruceros y estaciones de camiones de carga y autobuses. Los compuestos mas abundantes son los de dos carbonos, resultado de la combustion, y 4 carbonos que se encontraron en mayor proporcion en los perfiles de cruceros, lo cual se debe probablemente a la mezcla con el aire ambiente. Los perfiles correspondientes a camiones de carga y autobuses tienen un menor contenido de compuestos de dos carbonos y un mayor contenido de xilenos, tolueno y etilbenceno.

Protocolo sobre compuestos orgánicos volátiles | InforMEA

Pulse-form discrimination in organic scintillation crystals; Discrimination d’apres la forme de l’impulsion dans les cristaux organiques de scintillation; Diskriminatsiya formy impul’sov v organicheskikh stsintillyatsionnykh kristallakh; Discriminacion de la forma de vopatiles impulsos en los cristales de compuestos organicos para contadores vklatiles centelleo.

El circuito es estable y es capaz de distinguir los impulsos de protones de los electrones hasta con energias de protones de solamente keV. El circuito descrito se aplico en un espectrometro organcos neutrones de 1 a 30 MeV, basado en el retroceso de protones entre dos cristales de estilbeno. EHtot kontur ustojchiv i otlichaet impul’sy protonov ot impul’sov ehlektronov dazhe pri padenii ehnergii protonov do kehv.

Diskriminiruyushchij kontur, sostoyashchij isklyuchitel’no iz linejnykh ehlementov, chuvstvitelen k obrazuyushchimsya iz-za nakopleniya oshibkam tol’ko v techenie 0,1 mikro-sekundy posle postupleniya impul’sa. Opisyvaemyj kontur byl ispol’zovan v spektrometre dlya nejtronov s ehnergiyami mehv, osnovannom na otdache protonov mezhdu dvumya kristallami stil’bena.

Degradation of air polluted by organic compounds; Degradacion de aire contaminado por compuestos organicos. The characteristics of temperature, p H, concentration vompuestos organic compound and mineral parameters, as well as, the biomass quantity have been optimized for that bio filters efficiency were greater than those reported in other works. En el proceso de filtrado se vloatiles con restricciones de tiempo para que su respuesta ocurra antes de que el sistema de referencia cambie a otro estado.

Full Text Available The action consists of moving with small kicks a tin of cola refresh -without Brand-from a point of the city up to other one. During the path I avoid bollards, the slope differences between sidewalks, pedestrians, parked motorcycles, etc. Volatility wants to say exactly that the money is getting lost. That the money is losing by gentlemen and by ladies who are neither financial sharks, nor big businessmen… or similarly, but ingenuous people, as you or as me, who walk down the street.

Determination of Soursop Annona muricata L. Full Text Compkestos The essential oil of citrus fruit contains components pleasant sensory characteristics that are appreciated in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. Compuesyos the case of sweet lime Citrus limetta Risso, is necessary to characterize vopatiles essential oil components, to identify potential uses of this fruit. The essential oil of sweet lime was obtained from lime flavedo in volatilss different maturation stages.

Steam distillation was employed and then compared with hexane extraction. The identification of orgajicos components in the essential oil was carried out by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. A total of 46 components were found in the essence of lime, among which the highest concentration of compounds present were aldehydes such as limonene. Linalool, sabinene, and bergamol were more abundant than in other varieties.

The best extraction method was steam distillation, and the concentrations in stage III from the main terpenic portion were d-limonene with Infinitivo simple organicso compuesto con predicados declarativos. Median blood concentrations of benzene 0. On the other hand, median VOC blood levels were similar to medians observed in other studies involving commuters in specific U.

These results reflect the extent of the air pollution problem in Mexico City. The surrounding topography exacerbates the problems caused by heavy vehicular traffic, poor emission-control devices on older vehicles, and poor maintenance practices.


Access information on Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Elevated levels of gasoline components in the blood of nonoccupationally exposed commuters emphasize the need for regulatory initiatives and mass-transit options to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and thus reduce the risk for nonoccupational exposure for the residents of Mexico City. Las concentraciones promedio de benceno en sangre 0. Cuadro de bicicleta en material compuesto.

Bioensayo microbiano para estimar los nutrimentos disponibles en los abonos organicos: Full Text Available Se demostr6 recientemente que el aumento nude la biomasa microbiana en una mezcla de sue- calo: En la presente investi- gaci6n se determina si este bioensayo es de utili- dad como gufa en la fertilizaci6n de los cultivos con abonos organicosmediante la siembra en el campo de chile dulce Capsicum annuum L.

En el bioensa- vermicomyo microbiano se utiliz6 organicoe disefio de bloques randocompletos otganicos azar con 6 repeticiones, la biomasa microbiana BM se midi6 2 dfas despues de in- cubar con glucosa.

En los ensayos de campo las plantas indicadoras se sembraron en un disefio de bloques completos al azar con 4 repeticiones. En chile dulce se midi6 el peso seco C de la comparte aerea de la planta PSC y el peso fresco de frutos verdes PFF a los 97 dfas despues de la Microsiembra.

El peso seco de la parte aerea de las amendplantas de tomate PST fue medido a los 32 dfas. Full Text Available In the present study, volatile compounds were recovered from the fresh leaves and stems ofcilantro Coriandrum sativum L. In this work, the Simultaneous Distillation-Extractionshowed the greater identification and total concentration of volatile compounds. Edecenal was the most abundant compound in cilantro in bothextraction techniques.

Analysis of volatile compounds from Iberian hams: Full Text Available This article provides information on the study of the volatile compounds in raw and dry-cured Iberian hams. Different volatile compounds are identified and studies carried out by different authors are presented. This article reviews the analytical methods that have been used to determine the different volatiles of these samples. Furthermore, all volatile compounds identified a total of volatiles have been collected in several tables according to different series of compounds: This review can be useful in subsequent research due to the complexity of the study.

Fractura de compuestos polipropileno-talco. Presence of persistent organic pollutants in european domestic indoor air; Presencia de compuestos organicos persistentes en volatiled domestico de paises europeos.

The quality of life experienced by the world population in the the last century has been possible thanks to the development of new chemical products whose medium- and long-term consequences were not studied at the time of manufacture. These vklatiles have been used to eradicate insect plagues insecticides or to improve other materials flame retardants, insulators, lubricants or dielectric productsthus saving lives or preventing substantial material and economic losses.

However, recent studies have demonstrated despite the beneficial properties, their use also poses a risk to human health. Jordi Girona, 31 – Barcelona, Spain Phone: Actividad antioxidante de compuestos naturales nitrogenados. Full Text Available As a continuation of the study of natural antioxidants, this third part deals with nitrogeneous compounds, classified in the following groups. Amino acids and proteins. Products of the Maillard reaction.

Phospholipids with choline or ethanolamine and their heating products. Uric acid and derivatives. Their behaviour as inhibitors of the chain reaction of prooxidant radicals, by irreversible reaction or by sequestration of those radicals, as well as their synergistic action with primary antioxidants is discussed. Finally, the patents registered during the last years for these kind of compounds, their derivatives and synergists in food and other uses are compuesto.

Continuando el estudio de los antioxidantes naturales, se incluyen en esta tercera parte los compuestos nitrogenados, clasificados en los siguientes grupos: