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Commissioning Check that the data transferred between the different manufacturers control products meets the specified functional profiles. T h e binding of graphics with monitored point data should be checked. Software a A copy of the control system configuration software should be held both on and off-site.

The information contained in these Tables CA1. Check that the variable speed pump modulates to obtain the specified pressure differential.

This can impede the flow of information between the control system designedspecifier and the control system vendor.

CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Maximum range Various Various Various 1. However, many items of pre-commissioning can be performed before the plant is fully commissioned. Proper progress monitoring procedures will help ensure that commissioningltesting actions are performed correctly and not repeated unnecessarily. Check that the manufacturer has wired external switches on a temporary basis for test purposes for the safety inputs and general inputs as required to the panel. Data logging routines and parameters should be set up in accordance with the control system specification.

Design for commissionability 31 Appendix CA1: Commissioning therefore has the capacity to deliver significant improvements in the performance of the business processes within a building, adding value to the building operator or owner and contributing to improved productivity and competitiveness for the building owner. Check that the fan operates at high speed when the commissionibg temperature is more than the specified amount from the desired set point.

Refrigerating Systems: CIBSE Commissioning Code R – Terry Welch – Google Books

Tuning of control loops 31 34 34 34 35 35 35 CA2. Commmissioning system level checks may comprise some or commissiooning of the following: Check that any time delay in receiving data from the access control system is within the specified maximum. Control system specification details required for commissioning – Access to control equipment: The amount of commissioning that can be delayed until building.


Check that plastic rivets or screws are used to mount labels. Without these, the performance of the control system and the building services plant will be compromised.

This in turn requires that the set-up and operation of a control system is checked. Communication errors will occur but these should be resolved automatically by the network communication devices. The Code acknowledges that it may be applied in a variety of contractual frameworks. Check that the correct labelling has been provided. T h e setting of control loop parameters to match the requirements of actual operational conditions. T h e cibsw control works by providing codf signal proportional to the the longer the error exists the integral of the error greater the integral control signal becomes.

The above procedures should be performed along with the following: In particular check the following: U T h e pipework and commiissioning are installed in accordance with relevant control system drawings.

Commissioning manager The firm or person appointed to manage the commissioning process. To prevent an abortive visit the manufacturer should be asked to provide written evidence, including appropriate certification, that the panel has been tested to the required specification prior to the factory visit.

As commisdioning the matrix shown in Table 1, the order of activities will vary for different installations. Check that logged data can be displayed correctly.

Arrangements for management of delays. A record of all settings, set points and offsets should be maintained throughout the xibse period. T h e matrix provides a general order of activities.

The fire alarm company must be party to the development of the functional test programme. Check that the as specified transfer of data over the gateway occurs. The consultant or equivalent party should be invited to check the panel and witness any required tests. Check that the reheat coil valve is fully closed when the control system signals a fan overrun.


CIBSE Commissioning Codes

Flow measuring devices are in place and in the correct location for accurate measurement including pressure tappings. Commissioning of buildings and building services is vitally important to the safe and energy efficient operation of buildings but it is not always carried out – or carried out systematically.

The opportunity has also been taken to reflect the growing awareness that many key decisions relating to the construction process are taken in the very early stages of a project. Test holes have been drilled and sealed with removable plugs. Control loops Check that the fan rotates in the correct direction. Check that life safety interlocks are hard-wired unless approved by the relevant authorities must be performed on-site. Check that equipment that requires on-line adjustment and testing by non-electrically qualified personnel is accessible and usable without interrupting the supply or overriding the safety interlocks.

Check the high pressure fan cut-out alarms. Proportional control introduces an offset, therefore integral control is introduced where necessary to remove the offset and provide improved control.

The scope of operation and specified functionality of management software, e. Note that in virtually all instances the control of smoke control plant is performed by hard-wired links from the fire alarm system. Check that the valve is shut when the control system signals a boost or optimum heating start.