Hostage is the first book in the Bodyguard series by Chris Bradford. and his 9th book after the acclaimed Young Samurai series. In a dangerous world, everyone . A new action-packed adventure series for young fans of Alex Rider and Jason Bourne–with the first four books publishing simultaneously. Binge read for. Bodyguard 1: Recruit (); Bodyguard 2: Hostage (); Bodyguard 3: Hijack (); Bodyguard 4: Ransom ().

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When he first decided to join this organization to better understand his father who died while protecting someone it didn’t cross Connor’s mind that he would actually find himself in great peril of losing it. There’s no such thing as Muslim terrorists! I loved Connor’s character growth in this book. I have never read any spy or thriller books before, especially once that is so focused on spy and military tactics and equipment.

If I was watching this in a movie, I might be b I cannot believe the beginning of this book! He is hesitant at first because how can a 14 year old be a bodyguard, but when he learns that his father wasn’t in fact in the army but was a prestigious bodyguard, he warms to the idea.

These two factors occur so frequently that the book is hard to put down. Connor Reeves is a young boy at the age of 15 recruited to join a undercover agency called the Bodyguards.


It isn’t that suffer. What does it have to do with this teen, Connor Reeves. I loved this book and read it in one sitting. This was a surpisingly goood book. Das man ihm das ansieht?

He is tapped for the Guardian Program – very elite and very dar This was quite a ride!!!!

Chris Bradford – Wikipedia

No one suspects that a teenager could chros someone — but Connor Reeves is no ordinary 14 year old. These parts broke up the action and really made me get to know the main characters a lot more. I have just read this book from the beginning to end and was completely caught by everything that happened! Rocket Robinson and the Secret of the Saint.

No one will suspect the ‘Buddyguards’ of guarding their Pr Chris Bradford’s writing is always fast-paced, with intensive action. They start out as friends with Connor quietly guarding her but slowly things seem to be progressing, though against Connors better judgement!

Hostage | Bodyguard Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It isn’t bad, but I won’t recommend to friends either. It’s a so-so action book. So it wasn’t cool if parents live. This series is in a similar vein but with a twist – instead of spies it focuses on teen bodyguards who are recruited and trained to protect people of importance. Bradford stages events that involve samurai sword displays, martial arts demonstrations, bodyguard training and interactive multi-media reading.


May 17, Elena rated it liked it. Even though I’m an adult, I didn’t get bored and while I’ve seen bdadford plot twists coming, nothing has been really eyeroll worthy for me.

I think it’s a pretty good read. His attention to detail was amazing. The pacing bodyfuard good and I especially like the twist at the ending. All in all I love this book. Readers can immerse themselves into the life of the characters, as the books are not just plot-driven, but delve into the innermost thoughts of the main characters.

But for me, this was a lackluster performance. Everythi It’s a pararell world of Alex Rider or what???

Bodyguard: Hostage (Book 2)

Connor Reeves lost his father who was also a bodyguard protecting the Ambassador to Iraq. Its a thrilling and captivating read and I would highly recommend for everyone. Bit of hostave disconnect for me since I read them back-to-back.