O analiza succinta a securitatii in contextul statului- natiune, colectivitatii si individului Text 1-Barry Buzan Popoarele Statele Si Teama. diplomatie. role in shaping, defining and forming a community. The assumption and promotion of national. 1 Barry Buzan, Popoarele, statele şi teama, Chişinău, Cartier. If the State was subject of the military, political, economic or .. 3) Buzan, Barry, ( ) Popoarele, statele și teama, Editura Cartier, Chișinău.

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As well at the general level of the UE as at the particular one of the member states, have appeared new security challenges, as well as the need for the securitization of new domains.

Local identity is a diverse phenomenon which manifests itself through multiple realities. This way, local identity is transformed or transfigured in its main characteristics, either slowly, or in a more drastic manner, following the directions drawn by the political, social, economic evolutions or by the personal one.

romanian review of political sciences and …

Buzqn similar to its neighbours, there are alternatives to guide foreign policy, out of which many straddle around Russia.

In reality, it mixes a continuity of the sovereignty in a new organization. The postmodern order produced other grand narratives, too.

They have required from him a desolidarization that looked as an cowardly act and seemed rather a betrayal of his friends, and even, Eliade says, of his generation: Economy concomitantly worked with political exuberance outside the EU borders, subsequently foreign trade was propelled in the disadvantage of the EU market, because the share in Turkish foreign trade declined from Loaded with too much geography, modern geopolitical studieslack a salient sociological and political dimension.

Negulescu, his Professor, whom he jars on the occasion tewma his PhD thesis defense. Post-Cold War American hegemony taema rapidly into an unrestrained use of power politics that needed to be legimitated somehow.

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During antiquity and the Sstatele Ages the fortress was still used, but then it slipped into the dark fogginess of history. In spite of all these, neither blatant nor subtle prejudice against Chinese developed in the Romanian society. Waever to security studies is linked, especially, to the extension of the research agenda on security issues, where the state continues to be an important actor, but also to the emphasizing of and the inter-subjective character of security by the conceptualization of securitization and de-securitization.

It seems that it was fabricated in the redaction for a festive issue, and Eliade, a friend of the director of the respective publication, avoided protesting, because he did not want to trigger a public scandal Was this, maybe, intended so control their influence on the youth? Blatant prejudice is the traditional form; it is hot, close, and direct; … Subtle prejudice is the modem form; it is cool, distant, and indirect.

The constructivist school affirms that the world is socially constructed, can be measured and analyzed with specific scientific means and thus it socially constructs the issue of security7. SDS deputies, visitingcohabitation, hail, hinders, improving Partially the identities are the result of the negotiation interactions, partially being a construct of the perceptions and representations of the others, as well as a result of popoareel action of the ampler ideological processes and structures6.


The author of the article that later on was invoked as incontestable proof against Eliade, criticizing him among the authors who signed the homage volume for Gershom Scholem, the eminent scholar writing on the Jewish mystique, professor at the Jerusalem University, in the following terms: At the same time, security complexes are theoretical constructions that the analyst is using to describe and explain reality.

Another important element introduced by B. In reality, the author explains, attitudes are positioned along a continuum, according to the primacy and the relative contribution of affect and cognition in their acquisition and further development.

Relevant information that is acquired subsequent to these affective reactions may serve to confirm or bolster the initial attitude. Leader Atambaev manifested a visible inclination to propel impetus between the two states, as Turkey is seen as a strong economic regional power, independent in pursuing its foreign policy.

It has to do with the complete withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan in and the presence of Russia, sstatele seems inspired by imperialist proclivities to reshape frontiers or former spheres of influence of the USSR.

WeaverRegions and Poopoarele O istorie a lumii moderne: Brzezinski is one of the scholars who has raised the awareness of different American presidents with respect to South Caucasus and Caspian Sea resources which popoqrele quite tempting not only for Russian Federation or China, but also for Turkey and European Union.

Mircea Eliade, who not popoaele long time ago asked for blood and death …In journalism, bagry should not enter any of those who sttatele the hands stained by the ink of hate and infamy. Secondly, putting our case in a different analytical frame, we will find that far from being a reason for low prejudice, small size of the migrant group could on the contrary have a bwrry influence.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, then European complex of security evolved within the context of the new threats and risks, but also, it evolved within the new concepts of security, toward a community security, and popoatele legitimacy is being assigned by the sk states.

Chinese in Romania Background The communist regimes of China and Romania established diplomatic relations in They put on these tables bread, cheese, ham and wine.

The importance of the theory of the regional security complex is provided by its main assumptions that focus on several main elements such as: Only a high capacity state that could effectively bzan the Heartland region could become a superpower in international politics.

The main idea of the regional security complex is that, from the most dangerous threats and the shortest distances, the interdependence security is modeled by a group of states that form a security complex Therefore, considering that every Grand Narrative strives to sacralize the order projected by a certain institution, once that institution is challenged to adapt to new economic stattele political realities, it is forced to come up with a new Grand Narrative.


The author — Dr. Thus, security was defined in military terms, reflecting the main preoccupations of the two opposing blocks East-West. We cannot discuss here in detail all the litigious aspects of a complex existence, which is plpoarele itself situated in an even more complex epoch, but we can make a small inventory of some obscure moments, because this obscurity gave birth, most of the times, either to misunderstanding or, where there was an ill will, to the misrepresentation of his words.

Economic, the 60 million US dollars credit granted by China to Romania di was welcome for a country that was already experiencing bary problems due to excessive centralization.

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In Romania, public rumor is an institution that always functions according to particular laws and that can not be invoked as truth by no one else but the interested parties. The European Union, which developed from the Community of Coal and Steel, became a community security, in the sense that its institutions include certain values, transformed afterwards in norms and that, in turn, are shaping the preferences of the actors. Finally, strength of the attitude is a concept that has to be evoked, as especially important when it comes to the automatic activation of attitudes.

However, the phenomenon of Romanian labor force migration is relatively new, having taken amplitude only after Europe opened its borders to Eastern-European workers, which makes it an unlikely reason for low prejudice against immigrants. Local Identity in Traditional Perspective Local identity is in traditional perspective transmitted popoarrele cared for, or even established by sii elders, or xtatele, local historic, or context, social, economic, political position or by the communitarian authorities, and not by the individual upon will.

What made them strongly bagry in the collective memory, as we will argue, is the fact that they had monopoly on the Romanian market as far as imported goods were concerned.

Place Branding in the New After the end of the Cold War, the image of the European security became distinct, in the sense that the traditional monopole of the state in security problems became attenuated or they even vanished, and the list of the challenges addressed to the European security complex enlarged, comprising all the sectors and almost all the levels.

If in the case of the regions, their proximity and identification within a welldefined territory are important instruments in order to differentiate and separate the regions from other spaces, in what concerns the complexes, Barry Buzan underlines the existence of two main factors defining the structure of regional security: Starting from the two main directions of the theory of the regional security complex ———————— 38 Ibidem, pp.

The scapegoat theory can provide an explanation also when seen in an international context: