I have given a 3-star review of this book in Goodreads and would not recommend unless you have never read A. W. Tozer before, as it was my. One such date in the life of A. W. Tozer has eluded me. As the story is told, Tozer, a pastor at the time, was visiting one of his favorite bookstores in downtown. What does it mean to be “crucified with Christ”? During his lifetime, renowned teacher A. W. Tozer was often invited to speak at seminaries, churches, and Bible .

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All Quotes Quotes By A. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Crucified Life by A.

The Crucified Life Quotes Showing of He said he did those dishes for the glory of God. When he was toser with his humble work, he would fall down flat on the floor and worship God. Whatever he was told to do, he did it for the glory of God. Tozer, The Crucified Life: He does everything that he knows how to do but just cannot make it go. Year after year the ledger shows red, and he is not making a profit.

He borrows what he can, has a little spirit and a little hope, but that spirit and hope die and he goes broke. Finally, he sells out, hopelessly in debt, and is left a failure in the business world. A woman is educated to be a teacher but just cannot get along with the other teachers. Something in her constitution or temperament will not allow her to get along with children or young people. So after being shuttled from one school to another, she finally gives up, goes somewhere and takes a job running a stapling machine.

She just cannot teach and is a failure in the education world. I have known ministers who thought they were called to preach. They prayed and studied and learned Greek and Hebrew, but somehow they just could not crkcified the public want to listen to them.

They were failures in the congregational world. It is possible to be a Christian and yet be a failure. This is the same as Curcified in the desert, wandering around.

They were not where God meant them to be.

The Crucified Life Quotes

They were halfway between where they used to be and where they ought to be. They live and die spiritual failures. I am glad God is good and kind. The individual has simply been a failure all of his life. He is ready for death and ready for heaven. I wonder if that is what Paul, the man of God, meant when he said: We ought to be the kind of Christian that cannot only save our souls but also save our lives. When Lot left Sodom, he had nothing but the garments on his back.

Thank God, he got out. But how much better it would have been if he had said farewell at the gate and had camels loaded with his goods. He could have gone out with his head up, chin out, saying good riddance to old Sodom. How much better he could have marched away from there with his family.


Thank God, you are going to make it. But do you want to make it in the way you have been acting lately? It is the will of God that you should enter the holy of holies, live under the shadow of the mercy seat, and go out from there and always come back to be renewed and recharged and re-fed.

It is the will of God that you live by the mercy seat, living a separated, clean, holy, sacrificial life—a life of continual spiritual difference. Too many Christians stop with the text and never go on to experience the presence of God.

I have often said that a Christian is as full of the Holy Spirit as he wants to be. We can beg to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We can talk about it, but until we are willing to empty ourselves, we will never have the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our lives. God will fill as much of us as we allow Him to fill. Church attendance has never been lower, and the Christian influence in our culture never weaker.

If Jesus Christ had given us only the remnant of His time, we would all be on our way to that darkness that knows no morning. Christ gave us not the tattered leftovers of His time; He gave us all the time He had.

But some of us give Lige only the leftovers crucifid our money and of our talents and never give our time fully to the Lord Jesus Christ who gave us all. Because He gave us all, we have what we have; and He calls us “as He is, so are we in this world.

Let those refuse to sing Who never knew our God; But children of the heavenly King, But children of the heavenly King May speak their joys abroad, May speak their joys abroad. The hill of Zion yields A thousand sacred sweets Before we reach the heavenly fields, Before we reach the heavenly fields, Or walk the golden streets, Or walk the golden streets.

The static Christian is one who is slowed in his spiritual progress. This is a sw we need to face today in the Christian Church. The great challenge is fhe do we get such Christians interested in becoming more than the average run-of-the-mill type of believers we see everywhere.

If the natural man receives it enthusiastically, it is not of the Spirit of God. Paul says plainly that the natural man cannot know spiritual things. To him, spiritual things are plain foolishness see 1 Cor. How tempting crucifed might have been for him to show the enemy his strength and might.

To show his enemy that he was not somebody to be messed with must have been a great temptation for a man like David. What a blessed truth to understand that, in the middle of all of our difficulties and calamities, we have a refuge. Certainly, there is a time to go forth into battle and engage the enemy.

But this should only be under the direct orders of the Captain of our salvation. Young David understood this as he faced Goliath. And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: Then they will see how graceful they are. While on earth, of course, they do not crucifoed we are. He soon finds something in a temperament that makes it impossible for him to make good as a lawyer.

The Crucified Life Quotes by A.W. Tozer

He is a complete failure. He is 50 years old, was admitted to the bar when he was 30, and 20 years later, he has not been able to make a living as a lawyer. As a lawyer, he is a failure. A businessman buys a business and tries to operate it. Reading and experiencing are two quite different things. No other creature has Christ, and no other creature has the capacity to know God. They never experience the richness of what it truly means to be a Christian.


Without a deep insatiable hunger for the things of God, there is nothing within them prodding them to go forward to perfection.

Once again, we need a great move of the Holy Spirit to break out of the spiritual rut and press on to spiritual perfection. That move needs to start with individual Christians who are willing to give kife to God and live the crucified life. For some reason, they think that it is an easy path. They believe that God will take away all of their problems and difficulties and that they will be able to live their lives without any kind of distraction or disturbance.

As everybody who has traveled this journey knows, such is not the case. If your journey is not cluttered with difficulties and hardships and burdens, you just might be on the wrong path. That rather cheapens what Christ did on the cross. If all He wanted to do was make our lives tolerable, then He could have done it in crucigied variety of other ways. If we understand that everything happening to us is to make us more Christlike, it will solve a great deal of anxiety in our lives.

One wa some have is to believe that if they read it in the Bible, they have already experienced it. It is one thing to read about the new birth in the Bible cruucified quite another thing to be born from above by the Spirit of the living God. It is kife thing to read about being filled with the Holy Spirit and tozet another thing to experience the mighty infilling of the Holy Spirit that radically changes our life to a life of adoring wonder and amazement at the things of Hhe.

Apart from the Holy Spirit breathing upon it, the Bible can be a useless thing, just another book of literature. It may be fine literature, but there is something infinitely more valuable than the Bible.

But it is important to have a guide who understands the way sufficiently and can give clear instructions on how to live the crucified life.

The Church has no shortage of people who have advice to give. There is, however, a shortage of spiritual guides with the wisdom needed to navigate such precarious living. We have lost all sense of knowing God as He is, and consequently we try to make God out to be what He is not.

Instead of accepting the fact that we were lide in His image, we have deteriorated to the point of believing that God has been created in our image. We think we know exactly what is wa on.