Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 5C1 at Engineering API RP 5C1 specifies color-coding to indicate thickness. The color coding should consist of a paint band of the appropriate color approximately. TORQUE TABLE REVIEW 8 RD THREAD CASING Group Discussions Options: Reinstate Min. & Max. Torque Values with References to section Remove.

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API does not represent, warrant, or guarantee that such products do in fact conform to the applicable API standard. Thread compounds described in the latest edition of API Bulletin 5A2 should not be used on rotary shouldered connections.

For example, cements or locking attachments might be used rather than welding bottom joints to apk them from unscrewing.

Tubing inspection and handling

Both the inside and outside of casing can be damaged by corrosion, which can be recognized by the presence of pits or holes apk the pipe. Do not set tubing down heavily. Various nondestructive inspection services have been employed by users to ensure that the desired quality of tubing is being run.

This condition may penalize joint strength, leak resistance, and in severe cases, lead to abutment of pin ends near the center of the coupling in the made-up connection. When lacking previous experience qpi any of the above measures, these should be used cautiously and on a limited scale until appraised for the particular operating conditions.

Literature on external casing corrosion or persons competent in this? All returns must be shipped prepaid using third 5v1 postage.


Name As It Appears on Card: The inside of tubing can be protected with special liners, coatings, or inhibitors. International standards for tubing. API publications may be used by anyone desiring to do so.

API RP 5C – Care and Use of Casing and Tubing_百度文库

Galling resistance of threads is primarily controlled in two areas—surface preparation and? Shoejoint welding of couplings, when necessary, shall be used with extreme caution and with full use of procedures outlined herein. All values are rounded to the nearest 10 ft-lb 10 N?

It should be noted that a thread compound with a coef? As a result, unless precautions are taken welding may have adverse effects on many of the steels used in all grades of casing, especially J55 and higher. If wobbling should persist despite reduced rotational speed, the casing should be laid down for inspection.

Improper landing practice, which produces stresses in the threaded joint in excess of the yield point. The following are also checked:. A copy of the initiating invoice must accompany each return. If external corrosion is evident, it must also be taken into account.

This document was produced under API standardization procedures that ensure appropriate noti? Several thread protectors may be cleaned and used tp for this operation. These situations would require shopping of the threads to restore the length to usable status. In-service welds are called upon to withstand impact, pounding, vibration, and other severe service conditions to which casing is subjected. Shipping on foreign orders cannot be rushed without FedEx account number.


Apply a good thread compound but avoid excessive amounts. BoxMiami, Florida Where external casing corrosion is known to occur or stray electrical current surveys indicate that relatively high currents are entering the well, the following practices can be employed: This standard is under the jurisdiction of the API Committee on Standardization of Tubu- lar Goods and includes items approved by the letter ballot through When rolling ali, on the rack, keep pipe parallel and do not allow pipe to gather momentum or to strike the ends.

To determine the value and effectiveness of xpi above practices and measures, cost and equipment-failure records can be compared before and after application of control measures. When tapping is required, use the? Galled threads, due to dirt, careless stabbing, damaged threads, too 5d1 spinning, overtonging, or wobbling during spinning or tonging operations. API Recom- mended Practice 7G provides a recommended practice for calculating performance properties of used drill pipe.

Connectors used as tensile and lifting members should have their thread capacity carefully checked to ensure that the connector can safely support the load. Field-end threads and the mating coupling threads should have thread compound applied just before stabbing. Do not overload truck to the point where there is any danger that the load cannot be delivered to its destination without unloading.