This article is about the rules supplement. For the campaign setting, see Neverwinter (campaign setting). The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is a 4th edition. This year, Wizards returned to the setting with a campaign book for a small portion of it: the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. And it’s impressed. I am interested in running this campaign and wanted to hear from I used the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book for a 4E campaign, and I.

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In the Shadowfell, 4s volcanic unrest that devastated Neverwinter never stopped: The fact you have to wait till 7th level EK fighter or 14th level Valor bard in 5e to do the same thing was disappointing to me. These ones are linked specifically to a deity and suggestions of domains for other deities are also given.

A cult of Asmodeus worshippers is bent on dominion in the region.

Neverwinter Campaign Setting 4e to 5e So I want to extend my current 5e campaign from Lost Mine of Campxign and it looks like it’s heading to Neverwinter next. Wednesday, 5th October, Yes, this is that good.

This section also touches on the nation of Thay, whose intrigues have such an impact on Neverwinter. I’m thinking that i could just have Mt. Honestly their are a lot of cool things in the place. Neverwinter was a thriving city back in the glory days before the Spellplague, but a volcanic eruption devastated the city.


5E Neverwinter Campaign Setting (4e to 5e) – Page 2

There are also discussions of what happens if certain important individuals die and also suggestions for what each group might do. Lord Dagult Neverember is laboring to secure and rebuild Neverwinter.

Estting Factions in the Wood: I really wish we’d had more like it. I don’t want to run the Spellplague, my campaign takes place before that.

Angry eladrin have returned from the Feywild to a ruined world. Primarily they use basic attacks and special at-will attacks that are added to the basic attack known cam;aign bladespells. The Aboleth Sovereignty lives at the bottom of it if I remember correctly.

Neverwinter Campaign Setting (4E D&D) review

Having the rift lead to Evernight sounds like a fun option. Never thought to play past the end of LMoP.

This year, Wizards returned to the setting with a campaign book for a small portion of it: If you get this book, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have. Originally Posted by Nebulous. Neverwinter Campaign Setting 4e to aetting. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Neverwinter Campaign Setting | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Neverwinter makes excellent use of the Character Themes mechanics that were introduced in the Dark Sun campaign setting. Friday, 9th September, Meanwhile, many other groups of note are also scheming in Neverwinter.

Saturday, 20th August, The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is very likely the best book published for 4E. I love the Bladesinger class from that book, the ability to do some minor magic attack and swing a sword every round is exactly what I want from a class like that. Some will make tough opponents at 10th level, but the heroes always have a chance to win.


More than you could ever use in its entirety. And Cult of the Dragon members are unwittingly aiding the Thayan cause. Reset Fields Log in. Sorry, your blog cannot neverwinyer posts by email. Despite these fairly significant changes not the only ones, BTW I still find the book really useful. Subraces of dwarves and elves are also back with this book, as long-established in the Settinh Realms.

Locations of the Setting Apart from the descriptions of options available to the heroes and for their allies and opponents, the other third of the book is devoted to looking at locations in Neverwinter and the surrounding wilderness.

I’ve also got another five Neverwinter campaigns sketched out. Conclusion If this setting had been published ina camoaign of the complainers about 4E being only for roll-players and not role-players would have been satisfied. He adds at-will weapon ranged attacks and encounter powers of the same sort. Also, quite usefully, the factions relationships with each other are considered.